What’s wrong with the Navy of the Russian Federation?

The project 23560 (code “Leader”) of the Russian nuclear destroyers was an outsider, according to Mil.FlotProm Press, citing sources at the naval research Institute and KB (translation lenta.ru).

“Now the designing is de facto suspended, the decision taken in the management of shipbuilding of the Navy. The works plan to return later on, not to jump from frigates with a displacement of 5,400 tons to the destroyer with a displacement of 19 thousand tons”, — said one of the interlocutors.

Another noted that “significant funds on a destroyer while not isolated nor Northern design Bureau, nor the Krylov state research center”.

Mil.Press FlotProm recalls that in the battle of the Russian Navy was the only destroyer “Quick” project 956, while the second and the last one type of ship available to the Navy (“Admiral Ushakov”), is currently undergoing renovation.

In February 2019, the Agency TASS reported, citing a source, reported that Russia will build two nuclear destroyer project 23560 “Leader” by the end of 2020-ies of over 200 billion rubles.

In September 2018 the chief of the project Department, “Krylov scientific center” Alexey litsis linked the lack of Russia’s full-fledged ocean-going fleet and the construction of “mosquito” with several “objective” reasons, among which one of the most important were the lack of serial samples of marine energy plants, previously imported, in particular from Ukraine.