The detainee seized a grenade RGD-5


The people’s Deputy from “popular front” Yury Bereza said that on the night of September 24, a mentally ill man tried to set fire to the house of his late father-in-law. He said this broadcast “112 Ukraine”.

“It happened from Saturday to Sunday, started at 11 PM and ended when I arrived home, around 4 in the morning… Then a lot of questions,” said Birch.

According to him, “the man came into the room, set fire to the mattress, closed the door and expect will act as a guard.”

“The guards began to extinguish the fire. Then the man set a car on fire, which burned down completely, and then with a grenade is expected to be about the house where I live, just right outside the window. I’m the one telling all these facts worked as dog handlers, after was arrested this suspect,” – said the MP.

Birch explained that he had set fire to the house of his late father which now belongs to his wife, and the house of the MP is next.

“A very interesting situation with this man. This man at the beginning of June disappeared in General, he is considered crazy, is always in the hospital. In early June, the man disappeared and appeared 3-4 days ago at my house,” continued Birch.

According to the MP, the dog found that this man disappeared near his home a couple of days.

Answering the question, if he hit this man, Birch said, “I almost didn’t talk to him. I went back to 4.00, and he was arrested at 2.00… I have a weapon, I do not need to beat”.

26 Sep INSIDER, citing sources in law enforcement bodies reported that the house of Birch, in the village of Chumaky Dnipropetrovsk region tried to penetrate the unknown man. According to the newspaper, the attacker was detained, he is in serious condition in intensive care in Krivoy Rog. Sources believe that the injuries the man struck Birch.

According to the official information of the Main Directorate of the National police in the Dnipropetrovsk region, September 23, around midnight, the inhabitant of Krivoi Rog, born in 1980 torched one of the rooms of the uninhabited house in the village of Chumaky and later Nissan.

“During the arrest he threatened military RGD-5 grenade with a fuse, which in the course of the investigation the police seized”, – said in the police report.

Speaker of the police of the Dnepropetrovsk region Anna starchevskaya reported that the attacker, who allegedly wanted to set fire to the house of the people’s Deputy from “popular front” Yuri Birch, found intracranial trauma, he was hospitalized. The speaker emphasized that the master of the house at the scene was not. Open criminal proceedings under part 1 of article 121 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (grievous bodily harm).

“I don’t have any incidents. I have burned a house and a car. It was a long time ago. Can’t comment on that,” said Birch 26 Sep TSNon the phone, then ended the call.