Security forces are accused of use of force against protesters and arbitrary detention of 40 people

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The office of special investigations of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine has collected evidence and prosecuted the commander of the Metropolitan division of militia of special purpose “Berkut” Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine, his Deputy, and as head of the Department of public safety one of rayupravleniya Kiev police for abuse of power accompanied by violence during the dispersal of protests at Gostiny Dvor in Kiev. On 13 July, reported the press service of the Department of special investigations of the GPU in Facebook.

“It is established that the law enforcement officers together with employees, exceeding of power and authority, on 18 February 2013 during a peaceful protest on the termination of building of a monument of architecture of Gostiny Dvor in Kiev and prevent transformation into a shopping and entertainment complex illegally used force to protesters and passers-by other citizens wrongly detained 40 people, including two people’s deputies of Ukraine, 11 citizens were injured”, – stated in the office of special investigations.

The commander of the regiment of militia “Golden eagle”, his Deputy and the chief of the protection Department was informed about the suspicion of committing crimes under part 2 of article 28 (Commission of crime by group of persons), part 2 of article 365 (abuse of power), part 2 of article 346 (threat or violence against the statesmen), part 1 of article 351 (impeding the activity of people’s Deputy of Ukraine) and article 340 (illegal obstruction of organization or holding of assemblies, rallies, marches and demonstrations) of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

The suspects abscond, so they were declared wanted. Made a request to the investigative judge on the application to the suspect of a measure of restraint and providing permission for their detention.

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Gostiny Dvor shopping complex on Kontraktova square in Kiev, was built in 1809. In 2011, the building of Gostiny Dvor was removed from the list of architectural monuments.

In September 2012, the city Council passed PJSC “Ukrrestavratsiya” land area of 1.02 hectares on Kontraktova square, 4 in rent for five years. The company had to turn the farmstead into a shopping and office center. Against the reconstruction of the building a few years protesting activists. In July 2014, the city Council terminated the agreement with PJSC “Ukrrestavratsiya” on land lease.

In December 2014, the Kiev city Council appealed to the Cabinet of Ministers with a request to return Gostiny Dvor in the municipal property. As noted by the deputies, the building is in poor condition and requires conservation.

February 28, 2018 Kyiv economic court of appeal ordered a private entity to return to the state, the Gostiny Dvor building. The tenant said he would continue to plead for him.