Photo: Find motivation and ask about family support

The nutrition expert gave advice to those who want to start losing weight but do not know where to start or afraid that you will not be able to cope.

Nutritionist Albina Komissarov believes that after the Christmas and new year holidays is finally buckle down and begin the path to a slim figure .How to decide to lose weight, the expert wrote in his Instagram account.

Specialist, above all, stressed that losing weight must understand that weight loss is not torture and it does not mean that delicious food taboos.

She recommends to set realistic goals. “Let there be goals, the fulfillment of which depends on us: there are 5 fruit and vegetables a day, drink plenty of fluids, to fall asleep without gadgets and so on,” said Komissarov.

She advises to start a food diary and record absolutely everything eaten.”You’d be surprised, but many of the products you are unlikely to take into account”, – the expert warns.

According to her, they should write a rough meal plan for the week: “Not the menu! A rough plan of: Breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner, what will be that they plan to limit what portions and in what quantity. Don’t forget about your favorite foods and dishes”.

The nutritionist adds that with this list you should go to the supermarket and there to make necessary purchases.

Also Komissarov insists on the importance of exercise.

“Buy the ticket, arrange with a friend, download exercise videos or an app on the phone, start to walk more – set realistic goals!”, – advised the specialist on weight loss.

The expert is asked to find motivation and to ask households about the support.

“Tell everyone that losing weight – there will be more incentive not to break,” suggests this trick nutritionist.

Komissarova Albina also notes that it is not necessary to set themselves strict limits. Let the weight loss will look like a nice, light, motivating process.

“Don’t start with the diets and use of dietary Supplements, rely on a healthy diet!”, the expert recommends.

Earlier it was reported that the nutritionist announced the mistakes made by those who seek to lose weight. The first mistake someone who is looking for the ideal weight, is unsystematic in the diet.

Recall that learned how to get rid of excess “holiday” weight. The method nutritionist is the alternating of exercises and proper nutrition.

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