The American dream the winning number combination in the lottery

A lover of the lotteries pointed out on the ticket number that she had and hit the jackpot.

American from the state of new York Mary Wilson was chosen in the lottery ticket a long time dreamed her number and won. This information appeared in UPI.

The woman claims that have long seen the six-digit number you can use the lottery ticket in a dream. Since then, she has always chosen only them as it is believed that they will bring her luck.

In the latest Wilson ticket matched five of six numbers, and she won a million dollars. The money, the woman shared with her husband and another married couple with whom they for years to buy lottery tickets. The pair have long agreed to share any winnings equally.

After deduction of all taxes each of the four received 168 039 dollars.

Earlier in the day retirement the canadian has won two in a million. Also the Correspondent wrote that in Italy unknown lucky guy won the lottery 130,2 million euros

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