The Parliament may make further concessions to owners “EuroBLECH”. We are talking about the extension of the deadline for early bird registration for another 3 months.

What exactly is offered by the MPs and what are the chances of the bill — versed OBOZREVATEL.


  • 22 Feb 2019 ends the grace period of customs clearance of cars. But, based on the rate of registration, not all have time to go through customs;

  • The Parliament has introduced a draft law that proposes to increase customs clearance time for an additional 90 days;

  • But most MPs probably do not vote for this idea. At least in the special Committee opposes.

That offer MPs

The Verkhovna Rada registered a draft law 9522, extending the grace period for “EuroBLECH” for another 3 months. The author, MP from Block Petro Poroshenko Robert gorvat acknowledges the problem of low rate of registration. It therefore proposes to allow Ukrainians to register the machine with concessional rate of 90 days and 180.

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“The bill is written in such a way that it can be in this time and break. In February the grace period ends, then it will not, but as soon as we accept the law, the exemption again will act… project latest date — 22 may, there are already penalties for the illegal presence of avtoregistracia. And here is how we will vote is an open question. A lot now depends on the Committee,” explained the OBOZREVATEL gorvat.

Action “eurobserv”

Similar arguments are also given in the explanatory note to the draft law.

“It is obvious that such a pace of customs clearance, is issued daily when 2,5-2,7 thousand cars, a significant number of citizens who own vehicles with a foreign registration will not have time to clear them a grace period until February 22, 2019”, — stated in the message.

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Is there a chance of the law?

Probably not. In comments to OBOZREVATEL, the head of the profile Committee on tax policy, MP from the bloc of Petro Poroshenko Nina Southerner sharply criticized the idea.

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“Projects like this undermine the essence of adopted laws and do not promote the customs clearance of a car…”, — said the Southerner, and also added that the Committee would not vote for this bill.

About possible problems in the Committee, says author Robert gorvat. However, he believes that the chances of successful passage of the draft law about 50/50.

By the way, in early February in the Parliament was registered by another project on the car’s registration. So, the new idea offers all vehicles in Ukraine to tax at 10% of their value. The authors of the draft law believe that this rate will help to register all the machines on avtonomera at a lower price. However, judging by the mood in the tax policy Committee, the chances of this is no idea.

In the current situation, the owners of evroavto should hurry. From the end of may in Ukraine will act imposing fines. Contain cars with Lithuanian and Polish registration will be simply unprofitable.

What the law says

The revolutionary law on registration of evroavto, the Parliament adopted in November 2018. So, the new rules included the introduction of base rates for cars depending on engine type and its volume.

For petrol engines up to 3000 and more than 3000 CC introduced the base rate, respectively, €50 and €100. For diesel engines up to 3500 more than 3500 cubic cm base rate entered respectively at €75 and €150.

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At the same benefits and cancellation penalties apply only until February 22, 2019. After that no concessions will not. Benefits will be canceled, and the delay penalties will be valid only 3 months.

According to the State fiscal service of Ukraine in the temporary import regime has hit the 2.7 million vehicles. The number of cars imported in the mode of “transit” and is actually located in Ukraine violation of the terms reached 110,4 thousand, and in the mode of “temporary import” — Komi was up RUR 207.4 thousand

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And according to Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Villanova in mid-January 2019 the state received in the budget 2 billion hryvnia. Have been registered more than 30 thousand of the more than half a million cars. The number is not impressive.

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