Photo: a frame from the video Frame of videoface with Emma Watson

Many Hollywood Actresses become “heroines” of adult films by machine learning algorithm created by Reddit user.

The Internet has filled the so-called pornfake – films in which artificial intelligence and neural networks replace the faces of the Actresses on the image of celebrities.

Due to the large number of photos and videos of stars online, the animation looks very authentic. The victims of these fakes turned actress Gal gadot, Emma Watson, actress of Game of thrones and others.

This technology raises questions not only about the ethical side of the issue. It carries a threat for modern society the consequences, because it can be used to deceive ordinary citizens and authorities.

Корреспондент.net understand what is the algorithm to generate pornopaul and what it may bring .


Can make any

In December 2017, a user of the popular us social network Reddit under the nickname DeepFakes posted in open access developed his algorithm to create a realistic video face replacement using neural networks and machine learning.

On my home computer, he made his first masterpiece: porn with Gal gadot, best known for starring in the blockbuster Wonder woman.

The frame of videoface with Gal gadot

The paper used library for deep learning Keras and TensorFlow, and open the machine learning algorithms.

First, the system “trains” on Google images and the videos in YouTube. In the process of learning artificial intelligence maps the fragments of the original portraits with the video to get the most believable movie.

After the neural network has figured out how to look Gal gadot, imposed its model on movie 18+ the actress with similar proportions.

In an interview with Motherboard DeepFakes said that of the hundreds of photos generates millions of distorted images to train the network.

“When it’s ready, and knows what kind of person I need to sculpt, enough to feed the network of someone else. The network thinks this is another distorted image, and trying to make it look like the person with whom she trained,” said the Creator.

Artificial intelligence. Fears Mask and Hawking

Actress Daisy Ridley from Star wars

Technology went to mass when another user, Deepfakeapp a month later created a program FakeApp, with which anyone without any knowledge of programming languages can create such videos. The program has been downloaded over 100 thousand times.

This app is free, is free, even providing lessons for beginners.

How does FakeApp

It is reported that to achieve the result the user will need only two videos with celebrities in good quality. The entire creation process takes about 12 hours.

Humanity is under threat?

There is much talk about the crisis linked with the wide spread of fake news. Already created several of these fake videos with the face of the President of the United States Donald trump.

While this is an obvious joke, but it is easy to imagine how effective can be these crafts for propaganda purposes.

But such technology could hurt a single person. With the help of this technique, you can insert video in the face not only of celebrities, but any person, if there is a sufficient number of high quality photos. All the time people post a selfie in the social network, so getting them is not difficult.

New technologies the porn industry, which is often called the engine of innovation, can find application in different spheres of life.

Journalist John Christian in one of his articles predicted a worst-case scenario in which this technology can be used to deceive authorities, the public and even to incite international conflict.

Fake news affect public opinion. Perhaps they are even able to influence the outcome of the election, the investigation showed, the United States of Russian interference in presidential elections.

Neural network: artificial intelligence in any smartphone

Etyo thanks to technology anyone can effortlessly create a fake video from a private video with his ex-girlfriend as “pornobest” to the speech of a statesman, that is to say from the rostrum anything.

So, the user Z3ROCOOL22 combined fragments of speeches of the President of Argentina Mauricio Macri and Adolf Hitler, creating “new” policy.

This technology has the potential to forever change the consumption of media content on the Internet.

“The fact that this technology is available for everyone, scares. It’s wrecking the whole concept of trust and trustworthiness,” – said Professor Emeritus of applied ethics Deborah Johnson.

For love and war. As robots replace human


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