Photo: Press center of the NBU the national Bank abolished the restriction on the expenditure of money from the accounts Popov

The head of national Bank stated that his position remains unchanged and he will be together with tax to find other ways of implementing this restriction.

The national Bank of Ukraine cancelled the previously introduced rule which forbade to individuals-entrepreneurs to use a current account for their own needs. The corresponding decree No. 7 entered into force on Friday, January 17, the press service of the NBU.

It is noted that the regulator has cancelled the item for instructions on opening and using accounts, according to which the accounts of individual entrepreneurs are carried out all transactions except those associated with their own needs. Also cancelled item provided that the funds from these accounts are transferred to accounts of physical persons for their own needs after payment of taxes, fees and other payments stipulated by law.

As explained in NBU, this requirement has caused confusion in the business community, because the regulator has decided to listen to the opinion of the banks and their customers.

However, the head of the NBU Yakov Smoliy said that the position of the national Bank on this issue remains unchanged and they intend to find other ways of implementing this restriction.

“The position of the National Bank remains unchanged. Since 2003, there is a norm that the current accounts of individuals cannot be used for operations associated with the business. Since the banking system must be protected from the risk of financial transactions with signs of fictitiousness, the national Bank will discuss with the State tax service mechanisms aimed at minimizing these risks,” – noted in the NBU.

Resin also said that the NBU cancelled this norm, since it actually relates to the scope of the Tax service.

Recall that in early January, the NBU published an explanation for banks, according to which recalls the prohibition of use of accounts of entrepreneurs for personal needs of natural persons and ordered the financial institution to transfer funds from these accounts to ascertain the fact of absence of tax debts, which caused resonance in society.

On the eve of the Rada adopted the controversial law on Foam, which introduces limits for entrepreneurs, and increases the excise tax on cigarettes and the rent on the ore.


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