Photo: still from Youtube Man missed, falling past the pool

The hero roll was badly damaged, landed on the tile near the pool. The incident was captured by friends of the victim, reports

In Sochi, Russia the man jumped from the roof into the pool, but missed. Stormy landed on the ground and tiles around the pool. Video of the incident appeared on YouTube.

The video shows that the man stands on the roof of a small building, sprint to jump, but conceived the eaves. Jumper fell face down on the tile, after which the operator removes the attempt of a jump, quickly turned off the camera.

It turned out that the man is 41-year-old Armenian citizen admitted to the hospital with serious injuries. The police are checking into the incident, reports

Earlier, a tragedy occurred in China, when the mother because the smartphone did not notice the drowning daughter in the paddling pool. Also the Correspondent wrote that the monkey jumped from 50 meters elektroniski and famous.

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