Photo: Colorado Lottery

The American has won the lottery a lot of money, but mistakenly decided that only 5 thousand.

Carelessness almost deprived of American life benefits in the amount of 25 thousand dollars a year. About it reports UPI.

A resident of the U.S. state of Colorado bought a lottery ticket state lottery Lucky For Life. The ticket men won, but the Americans mistakenly thought that the prize is 5 thousand dollars and was in no hurry to pick it up.

The man asked for the win just two days before the expiry of validity of the ticket. He found out that I won a “lifetime” grant in the amount of 25 thousand dollars annually. If the winner turned two later, he already could not get a prize.

Itself lucky urged people to be careful, including lottery tickets.

Earlier it was reported that lack of English deprived the man of millions. Also the Correspondent wrote that the young canadian won 70 million in the lottery.

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