Photo: Press service of the Office of the President of Ukraine Da: why need an app

The mobile app has appeared in the framework of a “state within a smartphone” – election promises Zelensky.

President Vladimir Zelensky presented the main digital tool Ukraine – mobile app De. The software was developed in the framework of the implementation of one of the main election promises Zelensky – state in the smartphone, it is possible to obtain online maximum public services. Корреспондент.net tells details.


How to download app Da

  • Free in the App Store for Apple gadgets and Play Market for Android devices.
  • User authentication occurs via Privat24 and mobile app monobank, as well as through the system of the NBU BankID, which joined banks such as the Bank, Kredobank, Radabank, Motor Bank, Idea Bank, FUIB And Bank, Alliance Bank, Pivdenny, Forward and East.
  • Electronic versions of the documents will appear in the app automatically, if the registry has complete data.
  • If Da’t find a document, you can add them yourself by filling in a few fields of data and upload a photo driving licence or registration certificate.
  • Da will act as if there is Internet connection and in offline mode with Mar, if the account has at least one penny or one megabyte.


What documents can be replaced by the application Da

Now available in the application driver’s license and registration certificate of the vehicle. The electronic versions can be presented instead of paper.

Soon Da have replenished with new electronic documents: e-passport, insurance car, student ID, unified online service registration of a newborn baby Malyatko.

That is possible with E-passport

With e-rights and e-passport can travel to Ukraine, buying tickets on train or plane, as well as booking hotels.

In Ukrzaliznytsia confirmed that from February 6 passengers when boarding can present the electronic driver’s license instead of a passport or student ID.

It will be really offline, but important factors in the reconciliation data will be the last update date of the document and the availability of pictures.

E-passport, which appeared in the app in March, will not be available for travel to other countries. In Ukraine, it can also be present during the medical care, banking operations, to confirm identity at the request of the police and law enforcement agencies.

Zelenski also said that Ukraine will try to introduce the possibility of online voting in the presidential and parliamentary elections.

The head of Pravitelstva Alexey Goncharuk added that the goal of his Cabinet is to digitize all public services in the next three years. However, the main 50 public services promises to digitalisierte until the end of 2020.

According to the Vice Prime Minister, Minister of the digital transformation of Mikhail Fedorov, the first day in the app Da registered more than 300 thousand people. In PrivatBank, in turn, say that every second user of Privat24.


Where is the data stored

The developers claim that the app does not save the downloaded data to the phone they are deleted when you exit the application. The information is exchanged in real time with the registry, and loaded the required information.

All data is stored on hosting in the data center De Novo is a national provider of cloud-based services and datacenter.

In the development of the application was attended by 35 experts from Ukrainian outsourcing IT-company EPAM Systems on a volunteer basis.

It is noted that they paid special attention to the security of the application. Additionally Da uses a protection system against DDOS-attacks.

“All data is transmitted only in encrypted form. Enhanced authentication procedure between the application and the server,” – told in EPAM Systems.


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