Pasechnik headed terrorist “LNR” in November of 2017


The leader of the militants “LNR” Leonid beekeeper has signed a law that legitimitize the detention of people for up to 60 days. This is stated on the website of the leader “LNR”.

“In exceptional cases during the period of martial law to persons in respect of whom there is need to check the grounds to prevent their involvement in crimes that threaten the security of the Luhansk people’s Republic may apply a preventive detention for 30 days,” reads “the document”.

If necessary, detention may be extended to 60 days.

In the “law” States that the decision on detention and its termination must be motivated by “the Minister of state security” or “interior Minister” “LNR” in coordination with “the attorney General”.

November 24, 2017, the leader of the militants Igor Carpenter resigned “for health reasons”, the terrorists “LC” appointed him “the authorized from the LC” on implementation of the Minsk agreements. New leader of group “LNR” has become “Minister of state security of LPR” beekeeper.