Photo: Delfi

He was forced to spin five times faster than the speed of sound.

To test the strength of the smartphone in various ways, including the most extreme. The head of the company SpinLaunch preparing “kinetic” launches cargo into space, experienced private iPhone, promote it with a special equipment to create a giant artificial load, writes

SpinLaunch intends to deliver satellites and other cargo into orbit by launching them from Earth without the use of rocket engines with the help of a giant sling.

“In recent years, the company has conducted hundreds of “high-speed” tests. Most of them were intended for the study and improvement of the system, but some were designed to reassure skeptical investors and potential customers, not believing that the goods can withstand extreme loads.

The team was rotated at high speeds solar panels, lenses, telescopes, batteries, GPS modules and control computers — they survived with little or no damage. In one of the tests they attached to the centrifuge iPhone and forced him to spin with great speed — five times faster than the speed of sound,” say the journalists.

After the test, during which the smartphone has experienced load 10 000 times stronger than the force of gravity on the Earth’s surface, the company’s founder Jonathan Yan successfully used a smartphone to communicate with a colleague in the FaceTime app. This, according to the company, indicates the ability of electronic components to withstand extreme loads during acceleration, although some devices will require small modifications.