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Russian President uses an outdated operating system.

On computers of the Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin and the official residence Novo-Ogaryovo have obsolete operating system Microsoft Windows XP. To such conclusion the journalists of the Guardian, examining the published press-service of the Kremlin photos, reports

“The Russian agents have been charged in a global hacking operations, but someone in the Kremlin clearly forgot to tell Vladimir Putin about the importance of cybersecurity,” writes the British edition.

On both computers, in the Kremlin, Novo-Ogaryovo, set the background image of the Kremlin towers.

The publication notes that Microsoft has stopped releasing regular security updates for Windows XP and Office 2003 in April 2014. “However, it seems that the Russian government regulations did not allow Putin to upgrade to a newer version of Microsoft 10”, – stated in the article.

Microsoft warns on its web site that the computers that are running Windows XP “vulnerable to security risks and viruses.”

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov refused to comment on why Putin continues to use the legacy operating system.