Photo: a frame from video a Lot of bull is 1.4 tons

The animal’s weight is 1.4 kilograms, and his height is 194 cm Seven-year-old bull was recognized as the largest in the country.

In Australia, a huge bull named Nickers was able to avoid the slaughterhouse because of their gigantic proportions. The weight of the animal is 1.4 tons and a height – 194 cm. This writes Globalnews.

The seven-year bull grew up on a farm in Western Australia. Today it is recognized as the largest ox in the country.

The owner of the bull attempted to sell the animal at auction, but none of the slaughterhouse and bought it, fearing that you will not be able to cope with it.

“He was always different from other oxen, was a bit more of them. We from time to time sent his buddies to the slaughter, but he had not raised a hand. We thought: “Let’s leave it, it doesn’t bring harm to anyone,” admitted Jeff Pearson.

Bull currently lives in a pasture near lake Preston. The pet owner decided not to kill him, but complains that from-for the glory of Nickers him constantly pestering journalists.

Knickers, a Holstein Friesian steer is a bovine behemoth that sticks out from the herd. #7News

— 7 News Brisbane (@7NewsBrisbane) November 27, 2018

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