Russia left the world Cup in 2018 on stage

Photo: EPA

German newspaper Bild suspected Russian players in the application of stimulants during the matches of the 2018 world Cup. In the material edition says that the national team players of Russia inhaled ammonia in the room under the stands in the quarterfinal match of the world Cup in 2018 with the team of Croatia (2:2, pen. 3:4).

German journalists believe that in this way the Russians could gain physical superiority over the opponent, despite the fact that ammonia is not among the prohibited substances.

“According to the National anti-doping Agency, chemical combination of nitrogen and hydrogen should “have short-term stimulating and focusing effect.” Ammonia contributes to increased stimulation of respiration, which improves the oxygen supply”, – stated in the material.

As evidence, the newspaper published a photo of the national team of Russia Alexander Golovin, who inhales something with his hands. Reporters noted that also the players have inhaled something during a match with Spain.

A screenshot of the material

In turn, the doctor of Russian national team on football Eduard Bezuglov said that the players breathed a conventional ammonia.

“Thousands of athletes to cheer. Used it for decades. This tool is not only in sports, but for regular working people – when someone loses consciousness, feels weakness to come in tone. Simply due to the pungent smell. You can go to the drugstore to buy some cotton wool and ammonia. Nothing to do with the dope it’s not,” he said in comments to “Sport-Express”.

29 Jun FIFA tested football team of Russia for doping before the match of the world Cup in 2018 with Spain (1:1, pen. 3:4).