This festival is traditionally celebrated on September 27. On this day you can not work and also to start a new business.

In Ukraine, 27 September is celebrated the feast of Exaltation – the Orthodox Christian holiday. It is one of the most important – the twelve great feasts – the holidays of the Church. It is connected, as well as other key holidays, with the earthly life of Jesus Christ and the virgin.

He also has a second name that sounds like Krestovozdvizhenie. In the year 326 equal to the apostles Empress Helen found the Cross in Jerusalem, where Christ was crucified.

It is prohibited to do in celebration:

People don’t need this day to work, and to start a new business, otherwise they may end up in failure.

You can’t walk in the woods. According to the beliefs, on this day, the devil counts of animals.

the door to this day it is better to keep closed, because it can crawl up the snake, looking for a place for wintering.

Also this day is coming to the end of Indian summer and the coming fall weather.

It is not recommended to sort things out with loved ones.

Because on that day a strict fast is observed. that is, neither meat, nor fish, nor eggs, dairy products. The diet of this day is exclusively vegetable food seasoned with vegetable oil.