Photo: 2 Ocean Vibe Girl for six years, ate three pounds of hair

Eight year-old girls was in the habit of chewing your hair. A huge ball of hair almost killed the girl.

In China, eight-year-old girl was admitted to the hospital because of the huge Mat of hair in the stomach. About it reports The Mirror.

Eight-year Feifei complained to mother of pain in his stomach. The girl was sick, and her belly swollen. When symptoms are gone for the week, the mother took the girl to the hospital.

When the gastric lavage did not give any result, the doctors did a CT scan. In the picture the specialists have discovered a huge clump of hair stuck in it pieces of food.

The doctors did surgery and removed polutorametrovy hairball. The girl is now undergoing post-operative rehabilitation.

Her mother reported that the girl chewed her hair since the age of two. Parents for six years trying to fight this habit. The doctors said that it could be a syndrome pietism – the desire to eat inedible things.

Earlier it was reported that the hospital patient with a knife in his back went to smoke. Also the Correspondent wrote that the injections sun led the man to the 22-hour erection.

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