Photo: UA-Football Episode removed in deference to the family of a basketball player

The death of the legendary Kobe Bryant in the crash predicted in the cartoon, released three years ago.

The death of five-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant was predicted in the comic cartoon Legends of Chamberlain Heights from Comedy Central. The cartoon appeared on the screens in 2017.

So, in the eighth episode of the cartoon strip the helicopter, which flies the famous athlete crashed.

A basketball player can’t get out of the wreckage, holding two cups of Larry O’brien. He was trying to help, but he is not willing to part with his sports trophies. In the episode beat the fact that Bryant was accused of unwillingness to pass.

In the end, the aircraft explodes and Bryant only stay five championship rings.

Scene from the cartoon

We will add that episode from the website of Comedy Central removed as a sign of respect to the family of Bryant.

Recall that in California on January 26 in a helicopter crash killed Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter Gianna and another seven people aboard.

Earlier we wrote that the details of the crash with Kobe Bryant.

It was also reported that Lakers player LeBron James couldn’t hold back tears after learning the terrible news about the death of a legend for his club Kobe Bryant.

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