On the night of October 7 in the United States will host the most anticipated fight in the MMA world. The most popular UFC fighter Conor McGregor will fight until today undefeated Habib Nurmagomedov and try to take away your championship belt.

The upcoming game continues to gain popularity. The head of the UFC Dana white announced the sale of 2.5 million hits.

In addition to the match, plenty of other interesting events. For example, the company Pari-match on the eve of the battle declared the stock a Super-punch. In it take part can be anyone, and the main prize —a trip to the UFC in Las Vegas.

To participate in the contest is very simple: just go to the website of the special project and make your prediction for the fight for the champion title UFC in lightweight McGregor – Habib.

Ride at a series of UFC fights in Las Vegas is not the only prize in the contest Super punch from Pari-match you can also get a guaranteed bonus and cash prizes. The winner of the Super punch will be known on 8 October.

Habib won all of his 26 fights, he is considered the main contender for victory this time. This is despite the fact that the fans at the Irish clearly more. Experts and analysts still prefer, albeit minimal, Habib.

From Nurmagomedov has a significant advantage over McGregor in the fight, that’s why Conor would be beneficial to keep the distance throughout the fight and not let the opponent to translate it into the ground. After all, the Irish lost three times (a total of 24 fights) and every time the delivery.

But McGregor is a master of knockouts and constantly States that it will bring him victory, says that Nurmagomedov glass chin. Only two judges in its decision awarded the McGregor victory, in other cases, the duels ended ahead of schedule. Habib has full of fights in his career was much more. But while most opinions converge to the fact that we will see quick outcome. The probability of an early victory of one of the men – 78%.