Photo: Instagram/ olenazelenska_official Elena Zelensky at the inauguration appeared in the costume is Ukrainian designer

Elena Zelensky appeared at the event dressed in ivory. Creator was made by Ukrainian designer Artem Klimchuk.

First lady Elena Zelensky appeared at the inauguration dressed in an elegant suit of ivory. His Creator is Ukrainian designer Artem Klimchuk, known for a love of ethnic-related subjects. Suit Zelensky was created specifically for her, and its tailoring has spent 184 hours. This writes the KP.

Outfits of this designer chose for himself a Ukrainian celebrities, including Tina Karol, Kate Kuhar, Nadja Dorofeeva.

In his works Klimchuk often uses embroidery. The outfit Elena Zelenskaya was no exception. Manufacture of a suit of silk-wool fabrics were engaged in the seven masters.

“To make a sleeveless dress and Cape craftsmen on embroidery used traditional Ukrainian art, adapting the floristic and animalistic motives carpet of the early XIX century Sumy and Poltava. The items on the Cape is inspired by the symbolism of the Trypillian culture,” said Klimchuk in comments Vogue.



Your outfit Elena Zelenskaya added gold earrings Ukrainian brand Guzema fine jewelry in yellow gold, also created exclusively for her.

It is known that the ethnic subject is present in the outfits of the former first lady Marina Poroshenko.


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Does, polirani Olena Zelenska (@olenazelenska_official) 19 Tra R. 2019 11:51 PDT

Earlier it was reported that Instagram account appeared first lady of Ukraine Elena Zelensky.

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