Crime bosses arrested in restaurant in Marbella

Screenshot: Policía Nacional / Twitter

5 August, Spanish police arrested in Marbella, three crime bosses, reported the press service of the Ministry.

It happened during the meetings where they discussed the plan to murder one of the members of a hostile clan. Detainees charged with attempted murder, membership in a criminal organization and falsifying documents. They were arrested without the right to bail.

According to the police, at the meeting were two members of the Georgian clans, who in recent years oversaw a number of Russian criminal gangs. The report said that one of the detainees considered the third most important man in the Russian mafia.

During the searches at the place of residence criminal authorities, the police seized fake Polish and Ukrainian identity.

The police believe that the participants of the gathering in Marbella, had planned to recreate a criminal organization that was liquidated in June last year. Then militiamen have detained 129 people, including seven “thieves in law”.

Así detuvimos en #Marbella a tres Vor v Law (máximas autoridades criminales en los países que formaban la extinta Unión Soviética) mantenían cuando una reunión para, presuntamente, concretar el asesinato de un importante miembro de un clan rival

— Policía Nacional (@policia) 5 August 2018 R.