Photo: a frame from the video is the Monarch of Morocco has dozed off, sitting next to Melania trump

The ruler of the country was asleep next to suppoy head of the U.S. Melania trump. Video has become an Internet hit.

King Mohammed VI of Morocco became the target of jokes after he dozed off during a meeting of world leaders in Paris. Media attention was attracted by the fact that he was sitting there with Melania trump, the wife of the President of the United States.

A curious incident occurred during the speech of the President of France Emmanuel Makron. He immediately went to objects, cameras, and the video after it was posted on YouTube.

Internet users began to joke that now Mohammed VI can safely say that sleeping with Melania trump.

Earlier it was reported that the rapper took an ironic clip, which showed “a naked Melania trump,” dancing in front of him in the office.

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