The world championship fight for the victory continued two Ukrainian women – sisters Anna and Mariya Muzychuk.

In the second round of the world championship on chess among women Ukraine has lost another member.

Landslide victory over Russian Anastasia Bondaruk was won by Anna Muzychuk, who won both games of confrontation. Next opponent Anna was the ex-world champion the Bulgarian Antoaneta Stefanova.

Into the next round pushed her sister Maria. She first suddenly white lost to Ekaterina Atalik from Turkey and heroically won the black and put the squeeze on the opponent in the tie-break, having drawn white and black is again winning. Then the Ukrainian to meet with the Iranian chess player Mabinogi Alinazar.

Alas, lost in the 1/16 final Anna Ushenina. The first game against the Russians Valentina Gunina our chess ended in a draw, but the second is lost.

1/16 finals

Anastasia Bodnaruk (Russia) – Anna Muzychuk – 0:2

Maria Muzychuk – Ekaterina Atalik (Turkey) – 2,5:1,5

Valentina Gunina (Russia) – Anna Ushenina – 1,5:0,5

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