Sex robots

This sex toy can help relieve tension between the partners and prevent divorce.

Sex robots have the potential to strengthen marriage, to smooth out conflicts in the pair and decrease the chance of divorce. To this conclusion came Professor Marina Adside from the University of British Columbia, writes Daily Mail.

Research Professor prove that buying a sex doll can improve the emotional background of any relationship. They will also help to relieve tension and to reconsider the relationship.

Adade believes that the use of such a robot in a pair will help to ensure that partners do not need cheating. In addition, the toy will help the less shy partner, your body and desires.

During the study experts found out that the relationship of couples who at least once used a sex robot, happier and stronger than those who refuses it.

Earlier sex robots taught to deny sexual intercourse Also, the Correspondent wrote that the couple had sex at the cash register at McDonald’s

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