All you need to know about air conditioning and ventilation in the trains

Photo: “Today”

Torture worse for me is not present. Just remember closed Windows in 35-degree heat, outside ventilation in the room with fifty people just want to go out and run, feeling the wind. In General, I try not to ride the train in the summer. But in mid-June I bought a ticket from Kiev to Kamenetz-Podolsk in a car with reserved seats. Departure at midnight, just down the heat, flashed through my head.

I asked cautiously before departure when the ticket is checked. In the column “Tools”, next marked “linen”, sported the words “without air conditioning”.

The first seven of the nine hours of the trip, I thought about suicide. I admit, the window opened. But my roommates were three pensioners who hysterically argued that they do not get up in the morning, if they “blow” for me.

Little did I know that if there is no air conditioning, we need to work ventilation.

“You can see what to buy”

“Without air conditioning” is a new service of “Ukrzaliznytsia”. Now, when you buy a ticket you can be sure that will go without air conditioning. If any such notes in the ticket. It’s simple.

Such a formulation is very convenient for the conductor of the car. Any objection about the heat already have the answer.

“Just spent a small train Mariupol-Lviv. Reserved seats, other tickets. In 13-m the car is fucking hot! On the question of ventilation conductor does round eyes and pointing at a line on the ticket where it says “no air conditioning”. Say that aware of the difference between the conditioning fan and the ventilation should work on the way! In response, the smile and answer, “no,” – protested in the social network zaporozhane Natalia Zakharova.


“Ukrzaliznytsya” continues successfully the chosen course to increase the level of service for passengers, which introduces a new option allowing passengers to choose the train car with air conditioning. Already at the stage of choosing seats in the train, the passenger clearly understands the conditions in which it will travel and what level of comfort expect.



In fact, Natalia Zakharova law. A second-class carriage for half an hour before departure, the handler must include ventilation. It should work constantly.

If the car is air conditioned – it should work during the movement of the train. But if the passengers opened the Windows Explorer, is likely to turn off the air. Or that he will burn.