Valentina Semerenko commented on his performance in the mixed relay.

Thursday, February 27, in the framework of the European championship in Raubichi was held the mixed relay, the best result which showed the national team of Ukraine.

Our country was represented by Valya Semerenko, Julia Jima, Dmitry Pidruchny and Brendan.

His performance in the relay commented on Valentina Semerenko.

“Thank you all for your support! Very nice to feel it! Today the race was a little complicated – is re-acclimatization, the state is.. was the excitement. Well, that all happened! Shooting was a little difficult, but today, the course allowed you to catch up with rivals! I haven’t ran a relay race and I was worried. We are all as one, we run for each other, so you always want to make the team was as high as possible,” – said biathlete.

Previously the race commented Dmitry Pidruchny.

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