On the world-famous painting by Munch grow nanocrystals

Fragments of canvas by Edvard Munch that were orange-yellow, steel, ivory.

Researchers from new York and experts from the Munch Museum in Oslo figured out why tarnish the legendary painting “the Scream” by Edvard Munch. On Saturday, February 16, writes The New York Times.

To understand why the Scream fades, experts examined microscopic samples of paint from the painting in 1910. The study used x-ray, laser and electron microscope.

Jennifer Mass, head of the Laboratory of scientific analysis of works of art in Harlem, said that during the preliminary analysis of the painting under the microscope managed to see something similar to the “stalagmites” on the surface “Creek”.



According to her, on the world-famous painting by Munch grow nanocrystals, and because of this pale land around the mouth of the figure in the centre, in the sky and in the water.

Full results of the study “the Scream” by Munch is expected this spring.

This year the Munch Museum plans to move into a new building, and his staff, it is important to understand how best to handle a blade and how to exhibit.

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