Only in the past year – more than 10 thousand banknotes were forged

The national Bank every year withdraws from circulation thousands of fakes. Only in the past year – more than 10 thousand banknotes were forged. Favorite bills of malefactors: $ 100, 200 and 500 hryvnia. As noted in the NBU, the dollar often fake hryvnia and every year counterfeiters have become more resourceful. The website “Today” has learned from the Chairman of the management Board of FUIB Sergey Chernenko what to do if you got fake and where is safe to buy the currency.

Fake in Ukraine is made even on an industrial scale. Can forge not only watermarks, but also more complex security elements. To determine whether you have real money rather difficult. On view, having considered the bill against the light, you can define only poor-quality fake. To ensure that the money is real, they need to include in a Bank, says Serhiy Chernenko.

“If you are in doubt, you genuine dollars or hryvnia – you need to contact the Bank. Here in the office, with the help of ultraviolet and infrared radiation will be able to check the bill all the hidden protective elements. And authentic? Also with the help of the currency detector teller check magnetic protection of a banknote, the presence of a watermark, the level of the density of the paper, microprinting, and other security elements,” says the banker.

If the cashier doubts remain, the real money, he will send them for analysis to a national Bank. And you will be given a waiver of banknotes. If you find that the money is still real, the issued document will allow you to return them. Counterfeit banknotes being passed to the police, to exchange them for real is impossible. Therefore, it is important not to lose the money, to buy foreign currency only in cash desks of banks. Offices equipped with all necessary equipment, which will allow you to determine the authenticity of banknotes.

And not to get the fake in the supermarket, pay with a card. In this case, you can be sure that the fake you will not give.

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