Ryaboshapka: the evidence is sufficient to inform Gladkowska of suspicion

Photo: president.gov.ua

The Prosecutor General’s office today reported about suspicion to the former first Deputy Secretary of national security and defense of Ukraine Oleg Gladkowska. About this on air of the program “the Right to Vlad” on TV channel “1+1” October 17, said attorney General Ruslan riaboshapka.

“The basis of suspicion for Gladkovsky – violation of anti-corruption laws, the false Declaration. And the second is violation of the law in the implementation of the tender and, in fact, the use of official position to unlawfully influence the results of the tender purchases which this undue advantage was obtained,” said riaboshapka.

According to him, the investigation, the investigation uses including the facts disclosed by the journalists of the program “Nashi Groshi”.

Ryaboshapka stressed that the evidence is sufficient to inform Gladkowska of suspicion.

In his Telegram ex-MP Sergei Leshchenko wrote that Ryaboshapka personally joined the group of prosecutors in the case Gladkovsky.

“The awarding of suspicion Gladkowska scheduled on Friday, after which the measure of restraint for him elected the Highest anti – corruption court,” he added.

In February – March 2019 the program “Nashi Groshi” published an investigation of embezzlement in the defense sector of Ukraine. According to journalists, the defendants in the scheme have earned a minimum of 250 million UAH during the war in the Donbass. The program stated that the members of the group through the companies ‘seals’ were buying smuggled second-hand spare parts for military equipment in Russia and two to four times more resold them to factories “Ukroboronprom”.

According to the investigation, the scheme involved including the former head of “Ukroboronprom” Paul Bukin, then first Deputy Secretary of national security Council Oleg Gladkovsky and his son Igor.

On 7 March, the Director of the National anti-corruption Bureau Artem Sytnik said that his office has opened two criminal proceedings on the basis of the investigation materials of the program “Nashi Groshi” and spent about 20 searches, including at the place of residence Gladkowski. According to Sytnik, the inquiries mentioned 10 enterprises, which are included in the structure of “Ukroboronprom”, the losses amount to about 1 billion UAH.

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky at a press marathon on October 10 said that the investigation will soon introduce the results of the investigation in relation to the Gladkovsky and his son Igor.

17 Oct Gladkovsky detained NABOO detectives while trying to leave the country, after which he went on hunger strike.