In the United States is preparing NOPEC bill that could derail oil prices, which in turn will hit Russia.

This is stated in the material OBOZREVATEL. The bill suggests that the antitrust laws will apply to the Organization of countries-exporters of oil (OPEC). They will lose the immunity and cartel collusion against them can apply sanctions. And this, the analyst believes Vladimir Mazurenko might threaten the existence of the organization.

“Low oil prices will also hurt Russia. If a cartel to be punished, the country will simply lose the ability to control the production and will be forced to lower prices under the impact of competition and excess of “black gold”, the article says.

At the same time, ex-President of the Association of oil market operators Leonid kosyanchuk believes that the US and Saudi Arabia easily survive low oil prices, but Russia will have hard times.

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“The US wants to occupy the vacant niche. For example, if Saudi Arabia and America can feel quite comfortable even at the price of thirty dollars per barrel or less, that Russia will not be able, because there the upper seams are produced, and oil must be mined with increasing depth, and it’s a different economy”, – said the expert.

It is noted that for the collapse of the ruble is enough to provoke a decline in oil prices. “In a broadcast on Russian TV channels the Minister of economic development of the Russian Federation Maxim Oreshkin called line, after which the ruble will begin a serious problem – $40 per barrel. However, the adopted budget includes the forecast of $63.4 per. If in an average year, the black gold will fluctuate in the lower range, in Russia, problems may arise with the implementation of the main financial document,” is in the article.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, the Ministry of economic development of Russia predicts that the average rate of the Russian currency in 2019 will amount to 65.1 rubles/$.

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