Roshen is suing the Kharkiv enterprise “Khladoprom”

Photo: EPA

Confectionery company Roshen, owned by the fifth President of Ukraine, people’s Deputy from “European solidarity” Petro Poroshenko, is suing the Kharkiv enterprise “Khladoprom” due to the use of the trade mark “Kiev cake”.

4 Dec 2019, the Economic court of Kyiv fully satisfied the statement on interim measures at the suit of Roshen and banned “Khladoprom” before making a final decision to use the name “Kyiv cake” for their products. In the lawsuit confectionery Corporation also requires you to withdraw from circulation all products of “Khladoprom” with the same name and to destroy the packaging on which the trademark “Kyiv cake”.

13 Jan 2020 “Khladoprom” filed in the Northern economic court of appeal against the decision of Economic court of Kiev with the request to lift the interim measure. The court opened the appeal proceedings and gave the parties 10 days to justify positions. The complaint is scheduled for February 11.

A preparatory meeting for the consideration of the claim of Roshen to the “Khladoprom” in fact was to take place on January 21. Information about the results of the meeting in the Unified registry of court decisions no.

“Kyiv cake” was produced from 1956 to Kiev confectionery factory named Karl Marx (now this factory is a Corporation Roshen). Corporation Petro Poroshenko uses the brand name “Kyiv cake” based on the certificate No. 70068, valid until 2025.


In January 2019, “Khladoprom” registered trademark “Khreschatyk Kiseki cake” (certificate No. 252740). The patent says that it is “ice-cream cake, made by technology of ice cream production”.