Prikhodko: I Received information that he was preparing my abduction

Photo: Anastasiya Prikhodko / Facebook

Ukrainian singer Anastasia Prikhodko admitted that he had received in the area of ATO Callsign rook. She told about it in interview to Gazeta.ia.

Prikhodko called Callsign in the story of the rescue from the export to Russia and how escaped kidnapping.

“I had the call sign of the rook. I hear guys talking: “rook export”. It appeared, received information that he was preparing my abduction. I remember how we then two cars drove. Twice I moved. We change the route, is reached up to Lisichansk. My export from Popasnaya will never forget. It was very difficult and scary,” said the singer.

Prikhodko in November of 2017 received the title of honored artist of Ukraine.

Prikhodko was born on 21 April 1987 in Kyiv. She represented Russia at the musical contest “Eurovision 2009” with the Russian-Ukrainian song “Mamo”, finishing in 11th place. Later Prikhodko refused this song.