Belarus is located between Zimbabwe and Turkey.

The British Cable working compare prices for communication services, has published a ranking of prices of mobile Internet in different countries of the world. Belarus was in 48 place for cheapness, reports

Named the cheapest mobile Internet in India – an average of 26 cents per 1 GB. Then in post-Soviet countries: Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine (27, 49 and 51 cents, respectively).

Belarus, where an average of 2.36 dollars for 1 GB, set between Zimbabwe and Turkey (46-47), Lesotho and Australia (49-50). Below Belarus price is not only in countries with salaries lower than in Belarus, but also in richer – for example, in Austria, Italy, Finland.

Mobile Internet is lower than in Belarus, also in Russia (3rd place, 91 per cent), Poland (21, 1.32 dollar), Lithuania (41, 2.06 dollar). Neighbors prices are higher only in Estonia (80, 3.67 USD) and Latvia (141, 7.12 dollar ).

At the end of the rating – Equatorial Guinea and Zimbabwe, where 1 GB of mobile Internet is respectively 65 and $ 75. The average price in the world – 8.53 USD.

The rating takes into account not minimum affordable price rate, namely the average of the different rates. For example, if a package includes 10 GB of traffic for $ 30, then researchers believe it’s like 1 GB for $ 3.