Vitaly Gidian told as the struggle with mediocrity on the streets of the capital, drawing on the facades of elephants, dogs, swallows and pandas. The author of the famous graffiti remembered how he almost stole a ladder, and children in kindergarten arguing whose dad he is

Husky. Dogs can smile
Parrot. Sparked a debate
The Phoenix bird. Unusual graffiti in the winery was a gift to the Director of the company from employees
Kindergarten Obolon. Vitaly Gedevan graced the area for children with a few bright works
Kindergarten Obolon. Vitaly Gedevan graced the area for children with a few bright works
Fox with a bird. Originally was supposed to be a cat
Bunnies in flowers. Conventional wall boiler room sparkle with colors
On the house. The Cossacks, too, doing a selfie
Girl. The house in Chernigov
Hedgehog with bird. All colors

— Vitaly, what was the beginning of your creativity. Where was the first graffiti in Kiev?

The first graffiti I made in 2007 in the town of Pryluky, where I’m from. And in 2008 I came to study in University in Kiev. A few months later he made the first figure in the capital. It was the embankment of the Dnieper. Brought there own alias: Gide1 — Gedevan that is. The pattern, alas, did not survive. There’s probably already a dozen layers of paint on it, done. The place is very popular with street artists.

For every creative person needs a stimulus to start. What the incentive was for you?

— I have good draws father. Since childhood, I remember his work, he painted oil paintings, mostly flowers… I watched him. But he began to draw the age of 17 (now the artist 27. — Ed.). It was a rebellion, a challenge, a desire to prove themselves, to prove that I can, too. I was mesmerized by the moment when the gray wall appears bright picture.

— You decorate the city with positive images. Much of the work done in the capital?

— In Kiev of 50 pieces. Some of the works I was dissatisfied and didn’t even post them on social networks. And the first was toothy shark. I wrote it during a session when very nervous.

— Do you have an idol to follow?

— No idols. I came up with my own style where I work. Although I really like the drawings of German artists. My dream is to go to Berlin to see them live. I like avant-garde artists, the modernists. In awe of the work of Salvador Dali.


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— To draw as many flowers and animals, you need to understand this well…

— I graduated from a railway University, became a civil engineer. This fact surprises a lot of people. I wonder myself. The study wanted to throw in the second year, but then took himself in hand. The times has already started, you need to graduate. Now working in the field of design and advertising, not a degree. I really like nature. Especially when it fits into the grey area of the city. It captures! After all, a small miracle occurs when you cannot add bright colors in the grey jungle of the city.

— Do you often decorate their animals various strange things. Why?

Lockets and necklaces are the symbols that I use to reinforce the meaning of the picture. Animals suffer from poachers who for profit are destroying rare species. Domesticate them mindlessly and often simply deprived of life, for the sake of entertainment… I’m trying to draw to this problem attention. All the decorations are symbols of their vulnerability, uniqueness, fragility.

— What inspires you to creativity?

— Now, perhaps, the main source of my inspiration is my little daughter Lisa, she is already a year and a half. For her I want to fill the world with bright colors and fabulous animals.

— Canvases for your works are the walls of old boilers, GARAGES, fences. How to get permission to start work?

— It depends. For example, when I wanted to paint the boiler room near the metro station “Minsk”, visited almost all the authorities, but permission was never received. Then I took paint and just drew all they wanted. People liked it, the officials also. They even asked to paint the painting there is a different artist… And getting good at painting the kindergarten is a long process. Guide long coordinate the layout, you have to wait. Now, to paint a mural boiler, the question of collecting permits takes me from two to seven days. I already know who needs to write letters, who is responsible for these issues. Harder is with walls a HUNDRED. You find the master station, and turns out she has up to 30 owners…

You portray different animals pugs, hedgehogs, birds, and tried to paint portraits of people?

— People do not have enough good, and I give it to them. That’s why I created a whole zoo of animals on the walls of the boiler room near the metro station “Pecherskaya”: elephant, horse, tiger, Fox, parrot. I have experience of writing portraits, stylized or abstract. Can do it, but there is no really good ideas. When such appears, will definitely draw.

Your work is very good with children. What was your childhood like?

— I have a normal family. Parents gave me everything. And I am very grateful for them. Remember when I was five and I begged the cat. One morning you Wake up and next to me is a small, warm lump. Turns out, dad’s night brought little Siamese kitty. I was in seventh heaven! This cat has lived with us for 16 years. Her name was Nika, she was like a member of our family… We often went to the village where I saw the true nature. Went on a trip to Kiev, and the city I liked very much, especially the subway.


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— There are people who don’t like your work?

— Once I drew on the cave parrot. He was almost finished, when suddenly came an elderly woman. My grandmother began to prove to me that parrot’s inappropriate, they say, he’s a stupid bird. In our conversation intervened other grandmother, passers-by. Near graffiti of a crowd of “experts”! The discussion was hot, but in the end came to the conclusion that the parrot is a useful bird. I decided to leave. (Laughs.)