Tesla Model X at the “door-wings” will still be perceived as something unusual on the roads

Model X attracts thieves is not a joke. Photo: tesla.com

Tesla Model X is not a very popular car in Poland. Electric car with “door-wings” for a long time will be seen as something unusual on the roads of the countries, where incomes and the attitude of the vehicle are significantly different from regions of the Old world.But exclusivity does not prevent car thieves to look at the expensive “X” in Poland.

Last week in Poland has twice stolen the same Tesla. The vehicle arrived to gdańsk by ferry from Sweden. And soon after the machine came to earth, the unknown got into her, he rammed the fence of the port and left. The police, however, was quickly tracked down the car. The thieves managed to escape, had to leave the car. The damaged car was taken on a guarded Parking lot.

But it didn’t save the Model X. the Thieves carefully cut out piece of fence in the Parking lot, got in the car and disappeared. As reported by RMF24, later the car was found — it was hiding in the garage. In the case arrested two suspects.

We will remind, earlier the crossover Tesla Model X became the first electric vehicle that crossed the Sahara desert. The model did so in the framework of the rally “Budapest-Bamako”, which starts in the capital of Hungary, and ends in the capital of Mali. Travel diary offending team Tesla Powered by RWE Vela on Facebook.

In total, the electric car, which went to two Horvat, Sasha and Oleg Cvetojevic Mastruko, covered a distance of more than 8600 kilometers. This crew took 16 days.