In the first three Russian and two Frenchmen.

On Saturday, February 15, in the framework of the world Cup in Italian Antholz ended the men’s sprint biathlon.

Ukraine in Antholz was represented by five athletes: Sergey Semenov, Dmitry Pidruchny, Artem prima, Anton Dudchenko and Bogdan Tsymbal.

The winner of the race was Alexander Loginov, do not commit any mistake during the shooting. Second and third places were taken by the French Quentin Fillon-maillet and Martin Fourcade.

The best result of the Ukrainians showed Dmitry Pidruchny who made one mistake and finished tenth. Dmitry claimed to be top 5, but after the second shooting, fell, lost a few seconds.

Sprint. Men
1. Alexander Loginov (0+0) 22:48,1
2. Quentin Fillon Maillet (1+0) +6,5
3. Martin Fourcade (0+0) +19,5

10. Dmitry Pidruchny (0+1) +56,4
25. Grossegger (1+0) +1:26,4
42. Sergey Semenov (1+1) +2:00,4
60. Anton Dudchenko (0+1) +2:39,5
67. Bogdan Tsymbal (0+1) +2:49,1

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine’s Olena Pidhrushna has stopped in a step from bronze in women’s sprint race in Antholz.

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