Photo: Instagram/kristianlainephotography First Stingray I found 5 years ago

The photographer accidentally managed to capture one of a kind a huge slope, which has an unusual bright pink color.

Photographer Christian lane showed pictures of the world’s only pink Stingray species Manta alfredi, writes

“What an amazing and absolutely unforgettable meeting!”, – signed pictures of lane, published them in his Instagram account.

He said that he went to the island of Lady Elliot, at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef off the East coast of Australia to take pictures of turtles and sharks. However, I did not expect to meet such a miracle of nature.

For the first time, a unique specimen was discovered by diver Ryan Jeffrey in 2015. Since then, according to local residents, the ramp has seen only about 10 times.

SKAT was given the nickname ‘ Inspector Clouseau after a character in the film series the Pink Panther. Its size is about 3.3 meters.

Scientists believe that fish has such an unusual color for eritrazma – violation of pigmentation of the skin in the red or close with him flowers.

As previously reported, in Australia Stingray “asked” people for help. His eye was stuck fishing hook.

Recall that in China SKAT grabbed the genitals of the bather.

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