Affected by the incident


On the Kursk atomic power station the morning of 18 Feb transformer caught fire, causing the fourth reactor triggered a defense mechanism, it was disconnected from power, the press service of the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation.

It is noted that due to emergency power capacity decreased by 1 thousand megawatts. Due to emergency shutdown of unit consequences for consumers and security breaches, it was not. “No radiological consequences”, – is told in the message.

On nuclear power plant started emergency repair work. Affected by the incident.

To ensure continues power, “Unified energy system of Russia” included the unit at Zainsk condensation plant in Tatarstan with capacity of 200 MW unit of aposertraline in the South of Moscow with a capacity of 250 MW and the turbine generator for Huadian-Teninskaya CHPP in Yaroslavl.