On the eve of the summit Putin – trump in Helsinki preparing for disasters: will demonstrate

Finns welcome meeting, but not its members

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Less than two weeks left before the bilateral summit between the U.S. and Russia Helsinki, scheduled for July 16. This city was chosen for the negotiations is no accident: it was there held historic talks between Moscow and Washington since the Soviet times. “MK” asked the guides, the people who know Helsinki is better to learn how the Finnish capital is preparing for a historical event and can already buy on the streets Souvenirs, trump and Putin.

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Author: KFP.

That’s what we were told by the tour guide Eugene: “In Newspapers write that on the occasion of the summit, security will be beefed up — the order will be watching about two thousand militiamen. But while on the streets of Helsinki, all is quiet — all the same to the summit for another two weeks. The experience of previous such events, I can say that training will likely be conducted at the highest level in the city will be little noticeable.

On Sunday, for example, we have held a gay parade 100 thousand people, the whole town was hung with rainbow flags. Here is they have a feature! And about serious events Souvenirs here, as a rule, does not happen.

Meeting the Finns perceive very positively (although two presidents is ambiguous): coming of foreign guests, journalists, the city will flow the flow of money. It is not excluded that against the summit will be held demonstrations, but a few — 20-30 people. This is unlikely to complicate the negotiations, especially that the summit is not planned in the centre of the city and in the suburbs”.

A Finnish colleague Eugene Waldo said in the conversation with “MK”: “Still early to speak about the preparations for the summit: we all do a little bit slowly. But I think that memorabilia will appear in Helsinki next week. The fact is that for us, this news was unexpected, we recently found out about this event and the Souvenirs still have to produce or purchase. But in General, Finns are proud that Helsinki was chosen for this important meeting, and not for the first time.”

American portal Military.com notes that Helsinki was an “obvious” choice of talks trump and Putin. “Finland was a “third country” between the US and the USSR during the cold war, — quotes Agency AFP Finnish expert on foreign relations Teija Tiilikainen, she has always stressed its neutrality and was willing to be a bridge between the superpowers.”