The inhabitants of Britain to the banks of the river found a creature that they had never seen before. The animal was like both a fish and a crocodile.

In the UK the inhabitants of Wales found on river dead creature once and for crocodile and fish, writes the Daily Star.

Photos of the mysterious creature, the British published in the social network. Users immediately began to wonder who this really is.

So, it has been suggested that this Mississippi pancernik is a large fish that lives in North and Central America.

Photos even studied at the Royal society for the protection of animals from cruel treatment. His representative stated that the animal data snapshots are concerned.

“For many years the contents Mississippi billfish in captivity was prohibited. It is very difficult to keep animals, as they can grow very large, and their needs in captivity remain the same as in the wild,” – said the scientist.

He added that often the owners of exotic animals when they can not meet the needs of their Pets, just throw them away.

Note that the Mississippi billfish grow to 1.8 metres, they can weigh up to 45 kilograms.

We also reported that in the United States fisherwoman caught a terrible poisonous creature.

Recall that unidentified toothy creature found in Mexico. The local fish was unable to identify it. Presumably, it was brought from the depths.

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