This is an important proof for those who think that the Red planet was once alive.

A new study published in the journal Nature Communications, does not make loud statements about life on the red planet, but contains very important evidence for those who think that Mars was once a living planet, writes “Popular mechanics”.

The work is based on research in the Gale crater — large depression on the surface of Mars, created long ago as a result of a meteorite impact. Today is a dry and desolate place but once in the crater was water — a giant Martian lake.

The Rover Curiosity has found that water in the crater was not only salty, but had a relatively comfortable pH level. Stones, suitable temperature, the mineral-rich water — this combination is very favorable for the origin of life, but for evidence of the existence of it on Mars, more research is needed.

Evidence that Mars was inhabited, becoming more and more. Scientists already know that the surface of the planet flowed a river and there was a mineral-rich lake. Moreover, even discovered organic molecules that could appear, in particular, and as a result of biological processes.

Future missions such as Mars 2020, will allow scientists to learn more about what were the conditions on Mars in different periods of its history — millions and billions of years ago.