Users of social networks such “achievement” to Annex the Peninsula to Russia caused smeshannykh reaction

Kerch bridge. Photo:

Through illegally constructed bridge by Russia in the occupied Crimea from Taman let the first trucks.

According to local media reports, the first trucks through the Kerch Strait was allowed to drive at night on 1 October. Before occupants were allowed to enter only vehicles with carrying capacity up to 3,5 t

Now not only tourists, but also goods: the Crimean bridge opened to traffic

— Dmitry Smirnov (@dimsmirnov175) October 1, 2018.

However, not all users are happy about such “accomplishments” in the annexed Peninsula.

Also reminded that the connection with Crimea is not the most urgent problem in Russia.

Moreover, users admitted that due to congestion the bridge may not survive.

Recall that, according to the Deputy Minister of emergencies of Ukraine Vasyl Kvasha, the Crimean bridge is subject to several devastating natural factors, due to which the design of the facility or its individual parts may not withstand the load and collapse.

In addition, the threat to the bridge earlier said the ex-Minister of tourism of Crimea Alexander Liev.

We also reported that the opportunity to let the trucks through the Crimean bridge in time has cost Russia 50 million rubles.

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