An outbreak of norovirus has led to the removal from service of about 1,200 agents of the security service responsible for the procedure at the Olympic facilities in South Korea’s Pyeongchang. Urgently replace the outgoing soldiers, writes The Korea Times.

Photo: Reuters

On the eve of the 5th of February the organizing Committee for the Olympic winter games confirmed that the 32 agent had been infected by an intestinal infection, nine hospitalized with suspected norovirus. All cases marked by vomiting and severe abdominal pain. Some of the agents were on duty in the Olympic village that raises concerns about the possible spread of the infection among athletes.

Presumably, the infection has spread from the youth training centre Horeb Odaesan, where they were placed by the guards. The staff of the Institute of health and environment of the province found traces of the virus in the dispenser for drinking water and showers and bathrooms .

The organizing Committee has decided to send all the agents in the quarantine as long as they did not show full recovery. They caused about 900 soldiers who had held the post 20 Olympic venues.

The Korea Times notes that the soldiers have not passed the necessary training and expertise raises some doubts. For example, journalists claim that the soldiers insufficiently responsible approach to the inspection of visitors.

Health services stated the need for the inspection of tap water, and food supplies for the Olympic sites for the virus. Also on 18 sites urgently organized treatment of the water distribution system.

Typically, outbreaks of norovirus recorded in South Korea from November to April. The infection causes vomiting and diarrhea after one to two days after contact.