Friend Peter denied his connection homoseksualne

Peter Gard. Photo: Instagram

Monday, February 19, late in the evening it became known that in Moscow was killed singer Peter Gara.

As the reports REN-TV, singer Peter Gara the day before the death was reported by his girlfriend that he needs to leave Moscow to Krasnodar. Even the singer was forced to cancel the performance, probably because of fears for his life. “Milesa. Milashenka, hi. I have tomorrow does not work. Urgently fly to Krasnodar. Now watch the tickets,” Gara wrote to his girlfriend during our last correspondence.

According to the latest data, in Moscow the investigators find out who could deal with the singer Peter Gara. The body of a man found in his apartment. The basic version of murder — debt. Multiple stab wounds in a holiday of all lovers. According to police, the murder of a famous singer would have been February 14. Almost a week the singer had not been in contact. Neighbors were the first who sounded the alarm.