It shows rare atmospheric phenomenon.

The highest clouds in the earth’s atmosphere are in the mesosphere are called silver electric clouds, says Naked science.

Silver electric clouds form in the mesosphere, at a height of about 70-85 kilometers, and are visible only during the moment when the Sun is below the horizon of the Earth (at a height of 6-16 degrees) and highlights them.

Photo: NASA

Photograph this rare atmospheric phenomenon, which from the earth is most frequently observed in the short nights of high latitudes, were made aboard the International space station, when she was at the height of 433 kilometers above the South Pacific ocean. “Silver night shining clouds are the highest in the Earth’s atmosphere,” reads the caption to the picture.

For the formation of these clouds is necessary, sufficient amounts of water vapor, low temperature and small dust particles, including meteoritic dust. Settling on them water vapor becomes ice, which scatters the sun’s color, giving the glow of silver-electric shade.