The website of the Munich security conference returned a scandalous plan “reconciliation in Ukraine and Russia” authorship of three Western think tanks and the Russian Council for international Affairs, which provoked an international scandal.

Plan of 12 points, which was published on February 14 was removed from the site a few hours after publication. Now, it is available again.

We will remind, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine said that the statements made in a controversial document that do not reflect the official position of Kiev.

The Agency notes that this document was prepared by a non-governmental organization Euro-Atlantic Security Leadership Group.

“This is a private initiative of a group of politicians and experts, not indifferent to questions of international security and the situation in the security situation in Ukraine, in particular the armed aggression of Russia against our country,” – said the Ukrainian foreign Ministry, reports “Interfax-Ukraine”.

In turn, the American diplomats and experts said that some of the steps outlined in the plan resonate with the ideas put forward by the Russian side. It is noted that the published document describes the solution of the problem, “Kremlin-friendly terms, perhaps, to convince members of the Russian elite to sign.”

With the key positions of the document can be found here.

Recall Zelensky 15 Feb spoke at the International security conference in Munich (Germany), and also answered the journalists ‘ questions. He made loud statements about the war in the Donbass, the elections and the presidency. OBOZREVATEL was broadcasting live.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, in a network there was video behind the scenes preparation Zelensky before the show in Munich.

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