Light: Between Ukraine and Russia is pulling the political rope

Photo: Zoya Svetova / Facebook

Moscow wants the Ombudsman of the Russian Federation Tatiana Moskalkova visited the detained Russians in Ukraine before the Ukrainian Ombudsman Lyudmila Denisova will meet with the Director Oleg Sentsov. This opinion in comments to the edition “GORDON” was expressed by Russian human rights activist Zoya Svetova.

“With regard to attempts of the Ukrainian Ombudsman to visit Sentsov, then it decides not to Moskalkova. It all depends on the Kremlin and the FSB. In fact, between Ukraine and Russia is pulling the political rope. I want to note that Ukraine has detained Russians Moskalkova visited the Embassy of the Russian Federation, instead of in jail. Moscow wants its first Ombudsman was able to visit prisoners in Ukraine. And even then Denisov allowed to Sentsov. But as I understand it, Ukraine does not believe these promises,” said Svetova.

She considers abnormal today’s incident near the entrance to the prison in Labytnangi, Moskalkova when the motorcade drove past the Ukrainian Ombudsman.

“Of course, it is not normal when near the entrance to the prison Moskalkova’s just passing by Denisova and does not consider it necessary to explain to her the situation. On the other hand, maybe Ukraine should let Moskalkova to the detained Russians. And if the answer is Denisov will not be allowed to Sentsov or to the [Ukrainian journalist Roman] Sushchenko, the whole world would see that Moscow is lying. And the situation is at an impasse,” – said human rights activist.

According to her, in case of need the Russian side will resort to force-feeding whales, despite the PACE resolution on the Ukrainian political prisoners.

“In accordance with international agreements, Russia must respect the PACE and resolution. But here we are not talking about any kind of commitment – it is a matter of goodwill. I think if the Russian authorities will find that the hunger strike threatens the life Sentsov, it will begin to force feed. Despite the position of the PACE. I think now Sentsov is monitored by the doctors. And he said that the doctors there are very good. Oleg regularly take tests. Rather, through a dropper he injected nutrients, the same glucose. However, the ability of the body each person has their own. We don’t know how long he will survive. And if the doctors will see that his condition is deteriorating, it will be forced to feed. It is the rule. I hope the Russian authorities do not want Sentsov died,” concluded light.

On 9 June the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko discussed by telephone with Russian President Vladimir Putin the issue of Ukrainian political prisoners. The leaders agreed that the ombudsmen of both countries in the near future to visit prisoners citizens.

13 Jun Denisov went to Russia. During his stay in Russia, she failed to meet any of the Ukrainian political prisoner. On 15 June the Ombudsman was trying to get to the colony to Sentsova, but it was not allowed. Then, according to Denisova, she agreed with Moskalkova that they simultaneously will visit prisoners on June 19. Denisov had to go to the meeting to Sentsov and Moskalkova – editor-in-chief “RIA Novosti Ukraine” Kirill Vyshinsky, but visits were again not held.

22 Jun Moskalkova proposed Denisova together to visit Wyszynski, and then Sentsov.

On 26 June the Commissioner for human rights in Russia arrived in Ukraine. She went in Lukyanivka prison with intentions to visit of the serviceman Maxim Odintsov, which in Ukraine is accused of desertion. She was not given the date.

Denisova said that Moskalkova will not be allowed to Russian prisoners in Ukraine, while the Ukrainian Ombudsman is not allowed to the Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia.

On the morning of June 28, Denisov said that he arrived in Labytnangi and plans to meet with Sentsov. The speaker Moskalkova Alexey Sovetov said that she came to Labytnangi to visit the Ukrainian political prisoner, and Denisov arrived in the region “completely independently” and her joint visit concluded with the Russian Ombudsman is not planned.

Moskalkova after a meeting with Sentsov said that “his condition was generally satisfactory, but still remains a concern for the developments since the 46th day of fasting, and it always requires a lot of attention.”

Denisov said he did not believe Moskalkova information about the condition of Sentsov.