Get rid of the temptation to spend accumulated money and properly manage their budget. The main thing is to be disciplined and to choose a reliable Bank.

A more reliable way to keep their savings – to keep them in banks. Photo: Pixabay

Like recently was the salary, and the money is already there – sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Properly allocate budget and control their spending is a necessary skill that needs learning. Learning, leisure, Hobbies, communal, food – it all needs to be paid and, very often, money is simply not enough. In such cases, the ability to plan their spending. The website “Today” with the “people’s banker” to figure out how to budget, provide for their needs, and even to save for the Deposit.

How to dispose of the budget

Often there is a situation when the salary is still to wait, and the money is already there. It is necessary to borrow or to tighten their belts. And attempts to accumulate more money – and do fail.

But any income is room to maneuver, especially if you approach the issue wisely. For example, to apply the Method “the six jars” system of budgeting, which was invented and described in his book “Think like a millionaire” American T. Harv Eker. The point of the system is that every month the money should be distributed according to the conditional six jars, each of which, for certain expenditures. When using this method the person should not remain debts, and money for daily expenses, holidays and Hobbies to be missed.

What to do to make the model work

First and foremost, you need to distribute monthly income. For example, in the American model, an optimum ratio where 60% goes to necessary expenses, for a rainy day is delayed only a few percent, and all other destinations by 10%. The main thing – not to shift the money from the jug into the jug.

But to limit themselves and to follow the rules is very easy. Therefore, amounts deferred in the jug “Investment” and “Savings” it is better to keep in more reliable places, and not in the box under the TV. For such purposes it is best to turn to the Bank.

“If you save money for a large purchase such as an apartment or a car, it is better to keep money in dollars. If you use the money for its current expenses, keep them in the currency in which you will spend them. Besides, in local currency you can earn more by posting free money on Deposit. According to statistics of the NBU in 2016 hryvnia deposits of the population increased by 10%, while as in foreign currency by 1%”, – says Sergey Chernenko, Chairman of FUIB.

How to choose a reliable Bank and learn to save money

In Ukraine, 82 banks, but to choose a reliable – not so easy.