The show had turned the set into a real dance floor

“Masterchef” is “Cooking the graduation” issue 6 Photos:

The sixth edition of “Masterchef” Is “Cooking the graduation” was released on 7 March. In the first test, the judges divided the participants into three teams. Captain “blue” began Jack, “red” Arthur and the yellow team was headed by Nastya. In just 30 minutes, the teenagers had to repeat exactly the dishes prepared by Hector Jimenez-Bravo.


“Blue” got fish, red chicken wings, and yellow – rack of lamb. At the end of the competition the team captains have to come up with original dishes from the chef are among the many copies. They had to take turns to point to one of the plates, and if it was not a label – it’s a fake. Each of these errors has brought opponents to one score.

“Red” scored a record 13 points and climbed to the balcony. The captain of the “yellow” team Nastya decided that the blame for the loss, and put on a black apron on himself. In the “blue” team black apron went to George.


As the winner of the previous contest, in the second test Arthur automatically became the captain of the “red”. Using this privilege, he was appointed leader of the “blue” team Sasha.

The teenagers had to cook two dishes. The contestants, armed with CO2 cannons and a periscope, did everything possible to unravel the dish enemies, and from them to hide. It depended on who will go to the black battle of “black” in the history of the project.


The test again defeated the “Reds”. They managed not only to guess the dish rivals, but also delicious to cook it. The captain of the losing team Sasha wore black aprons on Mark and Caroline, but at the last moment changed his mind and went to “battle of the black” instead of girls.